I'm did most of my growing up in Wisconsin. I had an adventurous childhood fueled by my imagination. An imagination that was fueled by books, music and the magic of the outdoors. Most of my art training comes from my time at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. I majored in theatre arts focusing on scenic design and scenic painting. Scenic painting taught me how to mimic different styles and the importance of delivering on time. The show must always go on. The rest of my training comes from mucking around on my own in my studio. A space I share with a charming husband, giggly son and rambunctious German pointer.


I enjoy working with whatever traditional media I can get my hands on: from paints to pencils to inks. Currently, I'm favoring watercolor, ink and colored pencil mediums. I delight in making use of existing materials as my canvases. Leftover wood from a home remodeling project, old canvases and thrifted frames are all encouraged in my studio. I hope that my scrappy reuse of materials lends to the themes of my work.


Talking about one's art can be such a bizarre thing. Words can break how someone views art. I want to help fill your head with more of your own ideas. I'm influenced by the different and ever changing relationships in my life. My inspiration comes from a combination of everything that transpires in front of my senses. The igniting force is usually a song lyric or a passage in a book. I strive to represent the under represented and focus much of my work on people of color. I want to spark conversations. I want encourage questions about oneself in relation to how things are or how things "should be". I want to move people in the direction of change.